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H O P E   X   I N S P I R E   X   C O N N E C T

Immerse Yourself Into The Future
via hybrid workshops
LIVE: In Person + Virtual 
Digital: Subscription + Group

YOUthful Entrepreneurs: The Fusion Factor: Diverse entertainment featuring local artists, DJ's and dancers

Co+creating Community Contributors to Promote Content + Culture + Creativity through networking and net worthing.

Building Brilliance: Boosting Brands + Business Into the Next Reality by Quantum Designing

Step into a "See of CEO" and Become Your Next Best Boss. Build Your BE (Brain/Brand/Brilliance)

Innovating Influencer Markets to Make a Mark in MultiMedia Networks by imaginative and immersive events, experiential marketing +more

Designing Your DreME's: Revolutionizing the Present Through Your Selves and aligning your self through financial wellth + artistic health

Brandvertising: Advertising Your Brand Experience. HERE'S HOW I CAN HELP YOU B.Y.O.B.:



Brand Identity | Visioneering Consultant

BYOB: Build Your Own (Bestie/ Brilliance/ Brand) or all three. Your brain has a brand new idea for your brand and you're ready to take that idea from vision to a real sight to see.


Activate your extraordinary, here.

Workshops + Bookings:

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Events | Brands | Advertainment

Want to design a dream brand or event that impacts lives forever? Get started here.

+ Logo Design

+ Business Cards

+ Multimedia Marketing

+ Advertising + Promotions

+ Personal Branding

+ Social Graphics

+ Media Marketing

Pick Your Piece(s):

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Workshops + Community Connections

Throughout a diverse career path, Amera's entrepreneurial endeavors connected CEOs and the innovative interns- within themselves and through their teams. Introduce FUN into your fundamentals via engaging workshops and immersive events. 

Together, let's build brilliant brands!

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