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What's it going to take?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Inspiration from "Be Hungry or Starve as an Entrepreneur" - Grant Cardone | Quotes by Grant Cardone

“Every moment of every day act like your life depends on every transaction.” - Grant Cardone

Life’s a road across a mountainous trail; it’s made of ups and downs, sometimes you’ll hit a bump in the road that gives you a flat tire and slows you down. Other times, you’ll have a smooth ride enjoying a stunning view that made the bumps worthwhile. Embracing each moment for what it is the best way to appreciate life for all it has to offer. If we all stopped to mourn over a flat tire, we’re missing the opportunity to learn how that moment changes the rest of our life. When it comes to a customer’s experience, it’s equally as important to relate our own experience in the transaction. If each time we answered a phone call knowing that the person on the other line has the power to impact our entire business’s success, how differently would we treat them? The relation to treating situations is a reflection on how we’ll handle our own fate, which leads to

“Regardless of your position in life, if you want to stay on top, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to earn more business—during good times and bad.”