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Vintage as a place. Now as a pace.

May the wavelengths of your frequency expand to the magnitude of your magic. May the magic of your wonderful extend to the wonders of the galaxies of the you through the me. May the thoughts of your why align to the true self of i. May the ways words meet you be the way love greets you. May the solitude of your strength be the softness of your serenity. May the melodies of your muse be the way that you infuse the feelings into your eMotions. May this moment offer you the whimsicalness of your fairytale as a fantasee for a while in all ways for always.

3.23.22 | 6:07 AM | a wonder of WOW. Team Play All Day. Love All Eternity. Live Through Divinity.

From broke to woke: a glimpse of hope

The solar system of sound is existential as a state of nothing.

We can only be where we are for what we’re becoming by who we have been.

You, wild one, you.

The wilderness is to roam free and just be.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

Free float through the space as a holo+gram

The sonar system detects the versions of your yet-to-become a you.

The theme of the me is truly to just be. The potion of the ocean is in the waves of motion.

From outer space to inner grace, the elements are the particles within; the senses are the concepts with out.

As the self expands the RExCognition of awareness; consciousness extends the cognition of our personal “this.”

Life is the story of a memory through an illusion. Reality is the experience of our own delusions.

Go with the flow to learn about what you know. It’s the complexity of the simplicity that is a teaching of our unlearning.

Bliss is this.

Soaking your truth for all of its use is a poetry of your persona as a star of your personality.

The galaxy of infinity is a perception of our re+ception and a byproduct of one’s INxCeption.

The growth factor is the voice tuned in. The fear factor is the sounds turning up. The love factor is the embrace of grace to welcome all of the eMotions as one through no+thing.

Nothing as is.

Nothing so be.



We all want to play in our own way but gender has shown us who is to stay.

Heart has a home and it looks like a body.