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Universal Wombans Day

May the movement of your momentum radiate the remnants of your remembrance. May the eternal being of your belonging be the immortality of your vitality. May the courage of your kindness cultivate the culture of your compassion. May the way you lead be the way you heal. May the volume of your hearing be the audibles of your authenticity. May the words that penetrate your peace piece together your potentiality. May this moment be the transformation of your transition into a today for a better tomorrow.

3.7.22 | M@g!c MORTALS : EverLasting ETERN@LLs

What makes the mind so magical?

That it's a part of the "mine" >> collectively.

Even the mind is a construct of everything within the human's experience, experiences and experiment.

Everything that's ever happened since birth is a part of the min(e/d) and that means its not a part of the mine; because the mine is a collective mind.

We are in need of nothing from every one.

The memories we're left with are the memoirs we're making.

Even more to the min(e/d) is that it was a construct even before birth.

For our destined pre-selection to arrive to Earth, the path was paved.

Our destinies intertwined with every soul we seek and every story we see.

The magic is that its an exploration project.

Our eMotions are what revive the IM+MORTAL.

What is rejuvenated through our grace is the pace of this phase.

The magic of the now is the adventure of the analog presets of our possibilities.

Which reality is my self with in?

Which realm could I do with out?

To be better, release the bitter. I . E. >> In other words.

The letters are our stories; connected together as formations of our morphations.

The way we chameleonize the catalysts is the micro and macro magnificence of our min(e/d).

What is possessed by a body is owned by the universe.

What is powered by the universe is made possible through the morals moving through their minds and by their selves.

We are eternal evolutions existing as entities of identities.

The selves of our designed destiny infuse our forever as a self of magic -

an "i" of the here and now. A "u" of the merror of the meracles.


Excerpt from 05.14.2020 | "All Aboard the Anxious Train"

Imagine yourself aboard a train.

Pause. Breathe. Be.

All of a sudden, you hear your thoughts echoing over the intercom:

"All aboard the anxious train"

Pause. Breathe. Be.

Your thoughts kick in:

Where are we going? How many stops are there?

When was this train built? Is it old? Is it new?

How fast will it go? Why?

Does it have an emergency brake system?

When was the last time it was tested?

Who's going to be on this train? Have they had background checks? Am I safe?

These are only a handful of the thoughts an anxious mind will have - all within a few minutes.

Pause. Breathe. Be.

Along with these thoughts, a few other symptoms always accompany this sense of panic:

  • sweating

  • trembling

  • lack of concentration

  • irritability

  • increased heart rate

There are dozens more of signs and symptoms pertinent to anxiety.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there are several types of anxiety disorders. It's best to consult with a doctor or medical professional to diagnose symptoms you may be experiencing.