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Try Something New: YOU

Honor the harmony

Home-alize the healing

Hear the hunger ... through the hopeful and the hopeless

May today be the day your empathy embraces your identity as a gift of for giving.

May forgiveness tease your tenacity to the peace through you from the pieces within you. May you seek the clarity through your curiosity and may the questions lead you to the answers of your growth.

May the seeds of sweetness plant a smile in your destiny - today, tomorrow and every day in between.

May tenacity be your home suite home from tomorrow, to yesterday and

may the growth of the journey connect you to the everlasting NOW.


Home sweet home: a body of water, a land of scientific meracles, a transporter of time, a portal of revival. Our brain is not intended for survival; our brain is designed for REVIVAL. The journey of re-production isn't to reproduce the same; its a repetition of a cycle to change the game.

Every born and unborn baby, every angel brought here at home as a divine intervention - perfect as is.

Have you wondered today?

Has your curiosity carried you through the journey of the unborn?

The nine months of 3 trimesters; the butterfly effect of nothing to something; the power of connection through our collective co-creation.

Science is the start of the eye; the signs are the start of the i and the synchronicities are answers to the y.

We are destined for the -er of life. More than survival, we are designed to cue our curiosity to its full potential - which is humanly impossible and therefore through our time travel, our curiosity is called upon between the calls of our greater destiny.

The human hood is a series of meracles - organs as genetic systems and organs as fabric of harmonics- the organza of orgasms as an organism. The mind manifests a human by our sub-conscious.

Our motherhood of earth, the sun and the why is to surrender to the skies, release the limiting lies, alienate the experience of its human disguise and trust the wise.

Motherhood: the homiest hood I've ever been in - my body? no. my experience.

No thing and nothing of parenthood is explainable - much like that of personhood - as we are ever evolving. Never once did I tell my body - today, we are growing an eyeball.

The science manifests the meracle. Our systems make us the machines of meracles that we are. Our minds design the story of what else we can do in our existence. In every question, we hear an answer.

We are all meant for more.

Strive for -er: better, stronger, happier, lovelier, homey-er.

Home IS where the heart is. The umbilical cord of life: the passage to our blood line. The UMbilical cord of our REgeneration. The umbilicial cord of portals of possibilities, passion and peace makers as peace be+ings. The umbilicial cord of nothing "um" and everything NOW.

The time is only and always has been now.

Have you ever experienced a yesterday or a tomorrow? The divine order of perfect re-production is the three TRYmesters; getting schooled through our own system is that one body can make a human but 1+1=3.

Three is life's tree:

the roots,

the growth,

the seeds.


Picture your inner child as a porcelain doll - perfectly sculpted on the outside, every detail carved out to your uniqueness, flawfully flawless with every line and crevice of your skins texture embedded onto this personal porcelain doll. The doll - as perfect as it appears on the outside - is hollow on the inside.

Every word you think, every breath you breathe, every blink you wink, is feeding this doll his/her dictionary of the future. Every tear cried is designing rivers of waters - either for the doll to learn to swim, enjoy the waterfall, or drown to its demise.

Which choices are you making? How is your inner child witnessing your self-sabotage? How is the hollowness filled through the love you co-create through your selves?

Separate from your identity. Separate from your self.

Design safe scenes in your head and go there - take the doll with you.