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Trimesters of Tried, Tired and Revived.

Updated: Mar 6

May the acoustics of your authenticity ring the liberty bells of your love. May the radiance of your aura reflect the beauty of your becoming, being and belonging. May the wind beneath your wings be the woosh above your spirit and the whoa of your effortless gliding. May the grace of your pace energetically align you with the vibrations of your volume. May the amplitude of your magnitude resonate with the radiofrequencies of your way of tuning in, turning up and turning on. May this moment evolve you into a renewed you through the me of the we.

3.5.22 | Songs of Strength. Melodies, Memories, More [Me's| We's].

When victim shaming transforms into victory praising.

This is the chapter of reframing the picture to rewrite the narrative.

This is the page you switch the fight into might.

For when you check your privilege, you uncheck its potency.

The way we build resilience is to let the trouble be our treble. The bass of our base is the beat of our beaten.

For the nights you died alone, you resurrected a layer of skin and bone.

The ashes of the past are the asks of the future.

For an ignorance about you is a subject to be consumed, too.

We are merrors of memories. What is ingested is eventually digested.

Break a+part the words to break through this reNewed You.

Self love descends as a hug and ascends as a plug. The way you choose to power up your selves is how you passXion through your cellves.

Allow for your internal beings to flow through the frames of your heat and rise through the depth of a defeat.

What we've lost is always someone else's found.

What we've prayed for is always a blessing in this reality's testing.

What's misunderstood is a perfect chance to stand over the story and up for its glory.

Life isn't about closing doors from dilemmas; it's opening access to the dynasty.

The meracle of the min(e/d) is the portals of people, places, and probabilities to pass through.

Re New You.

Recharge the growth.

Change the channel to tune into this chapter.

See Through & Be You.


Excerpt from 2.5.22 | "Leaves of Laughter. Serenity as a Sound."

Pause. Breathe. Be.

In the motion of the ocean, the powers of air's potions: we breathe in what we put out. We inhale our trees and exhale our me's.

Even the cellular cycle of releasing fat is through our breath.

When we release the excess, we gain access.

Spirituality is science. Spirits are signs. and the -ality is the totality of the synchronicities.

We are trees of tales. Some paper, some air; some shade, some shelter; some grand, some green. All God.

We are a collection of breathing beauties of blossoming cells and brilliant bodies of standing as Earth's wells.

The deeper the roots, the bountiful our fruits.

For the aging process is designed through circles, just like time. We go round and round through our cycle of our eternity.

For every ring, there's a chapter. For every year, there are memories in the cycles and through the circles. All by design. All in perfected time.

The trees? They stand through. They stand within. They grow up as they ground down.

The meracle of life's green is that the vegetation of our breath is man-i-fested to how we seed our story and root our uprising.

The trees of life are a way of living. Act as nothing. Be as everything.

Our Godliness is in our mechanisms - converting air to breath and circles as cycles.

Seed the stories. Reap the roots.

The sweetness is in the fruits.

& The texture?

The texture is in the time.