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The Tree Bark That Leaves a Mind Mark

May the nature of your nurturing nourish your now with all that's new, next and best. May the past selves of your self fall in love with the future of your huemanity. May the wonder of your oneness align you to the alchemy of your audience. May the now serve your forever. May the ways of your abundance be the always of your authenticity. May the breath of your being be the freshness of your belonging. May the hearts you heal connect the healing of your heArt.

3.6.22 | 3:11 PM | Space as a Pace. A Treat as a Seat. RePeat.

Selfie Sundae is about surrender to the storyline from the way some feelings stay and others stray.

When we shift into an aerial view, under ground view, side view and we draw context from a refractive view, we can connect to the reflective view most clear to our current comprehension.

For the hueman being - it is only a matter of the here and now.

What feels most aligned is the framework of freedom: a dome of dimensions in which you can time travel through all forms of your cellves, selves, and self and free-float through the beauty of your belonging - with gravity as a gravitational pull and magnetism as a universal push.

The way we attract abundance is to offer it - freely, consciously, constructively and abundantly.

Be nothing. Offer everything.

Connection is the currency to our selves through our cellves.

What we give to the world is a gift from our self; yet, through our cellves - our presence is the present.

What is more perfect than the exchange of air between a tree and a body?

We all breathe the same breath.

One inhalation of a thought; one exhalation of a molecule of infinity.

The universe is ever forgiving, ever loving and ever lasting.

What else could be comprehendible aside from life is short as reality
but reality is eternity as time.

The moment we reframe our remnants is when we regroup the framework.

Collect the calm.

Birth the compassion.


Pause. Breathe. Be.

Imagine yourself at a conference room table with 10 seats around.

You are the 11th person in the room.

Now look at your fingers.

Design a self of your selves for every finger you have and name that self as an entire identity.

Match up the names of your hands, fingers, and identities to the seats of the table.

Each "identity" of your self sitting down at the table is now within your own reach.