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The Serenity of Soothing. The Softness of Strength.

May the peace of your prayers piece together the start of your stories. May the art within your start reconnect you to your part. May your part of reality love through your life of this life. May the life within your years live through the grace of your life. May the way you radiate love, magnify light and reflect your aura of your truth. May the beauty of your words lead you to the love you are.

2.20.2022 | 4:20 PM | The fruits of forgiving. The art of giving for giving.

Sometimes self love, self care and self repair are apologizing to your selves for all the things you said when you didn't speak.

What we believe is what we conceive.

What we co-create, we deliver.

The beauty of life is the gift to reconsider.

To choose again and again and again can also mean with the right space in the right place, we become no thing as a gain.

The repetition of our memories allows us to see things better, not bitter.

Grow from the past, grow through the future, grow into the present.

We design our past based on how we perceive our future.

Isn't that the beauty of prayer? It is that we have the choice to pray. One pray through god's blessings and another through god's blessings in disguise - all blessings in all ways, always.

The meracle of this moment is that it is the only thing we have.

How you understand the now is how you comprehend the "you. "

How you comprehend the you is how you cultivate the "i"

It is a regeneration of the integration.

Do your prayers speak through grace or do they resurrect God's pace?

Through surrender, we pause, breathe, and smile.

After all, we are all in this together and it's only for a while.

Love the growth.

Pause. Breathe. Smile.

Speak love through your intentions. Voice love through your attention. Become the love from the momentum.


Pause. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Imagine your self playing a video game. This video game starts off with a welcome screen of you choosing your age. Begin by choosing an age as the phase you're going to play in.

Imagine this age as a dimension.

Now, picture this: the next screen on the video game prompts you with the options to design your character.

What options do you see?

What options are presented to you?

Which selection of characteristics do you select to design your character.

Within this chosen dimension, you get to design other parts of your character and characteristics.