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The H(e/a)ir of Self RePair

May the play of your possibilities enlighten your endeavors with joy through your journey. May the depth of your dilemmas lead you to the height of your honor. May the beYOUty of your being become the beLovedness of this be+Coming. May the ways you overcome the ow's lead you to your Wow's. May the ways words lift your spirits raise your sovereignty. May the prayers you pray for bare the healing you are heard through.

3.13.22 | Sunny Dae Sound Checks

Dear Selfie,

You've survived it all, huh?

That is why you are here. hear here.

Present within your present. The little things make the biggest difference.

Self awareness has proven that every thing is in+ani+mate.

Through out your thoughts, everything is fluid. Through your cellves, every thing is nothing. From your selves, nothing is everything.

As your self, nothing is some thing.

As you grow through you, De x Sign your dynasty with light, love, laughter, and happily ever after.

The era of the i is the why of the yoUse.

Stick to your valYous that honor your humility.

Respect the re-spect.

The spectacles of your vision are the sites of your eyes and the destinyations of your i's.

The equation of our sentences are the equality of our vernacular.

How we speak is from what we seek.

Self regulate through your selves, cellves and scenes to be seen as your self.

Self-reflection is drawing awareness to your human experience and painting the reflection as a h+you+man experiment.

This is all try+all and error. Err+or.

There are not choices in our choosing. There are merely choices in our in-fusing.

See how you feel through the eMotions of the choices, then choose to align accordingly.

All of destiny is designed, don't you sea?

The unseen is your next scene.

The prophecies of our profits are the stories of the strength.

Empower the evolution from the way you resurrect your ReVolution.

A refresh icon is a restart play.

Dance, Draw. Dream.

Your This is your scene of seen.


Pause. Breathe. Be.

Imagine your reflection as a separate image from what you see.

What? How? WHO?

Excerpt from 1.26.22 | Freely Finite. Wildly Infinite. Onederfully Made.

The illusion of energy: energy as a being and magic as a feeling.

The light exists because of absence of darkness; darkness exists through the absence of light.

The evil of the world is an energy as a doing - never a being.

Be+ings are still. Be+ings are pure