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The Cue of Curiosity. The Kiss of the Kingdom

May the words of your wisdom resonate through the residue of your radiance. May the love you seek be the love you see. May the reflection of your love lead through the hope of your heart. May the meracles of your magic magnify the power of your potential. May the talk of your walk align with the walk of your talk. May the way you are love the way you can be. May the future of your past perfect the present of your presence. May this be the sign of your science and the science of your signs. May the way life feels be the design your energy heals.

2/23/22 | 8:07 AM | Wishful Wonders. Wild one-ders.

The magic of meracles.

How we hear is how we heal.

How we vibe is the growth through our wise.

Our reflection is either a disguise, a demise or a meracle of a mind.

Through the thoughts we think, we think through the eMotion, from the feeling and right into the now.

The way we choose to read our mind is the way consciousness co-creates our kind.

Even the way we attract is the way our energy chooses to subtract.

Division of energy is a de-vision of dreams.

A line of sight can only be visible if it aligns with the vision.

Vibrate so high that bliss is always your "this." Vibe so lovely that ease is always your peace. Vibe so authentically that event the "that" is a prayer as a hat.

Dress in your dreams to power on your own theMes.

Consciousness has all the meracles within every breath, blink and brilliance.

Awareness is being cognizant of the ways your wonder makes your wildness onederful.

The wild and free just be. Just be as you are so it can be what it is.

Flow through forever because through love, with growth and with in this day, you sew the love of generations through a collective compilation.


Imagine your self as a series of characters.

Write down these characters on a sheet of paper or within your imagination.

To each character of your past, present, or future self, interview them.

Talk through every character that feels aligned to where you are in this very instant. See how the feeling embraces your eMotions and accentuates your ambition.

Does it feel true being you?

Does it feel like a maze of amazing designing your identity through your alchemy of ambition?

The feelings we vibrate through are the thoughts we speak from. The thoughts we hear are the eMotions we feel. The emotions we feel are the feelings of our future rotating on a wheel.

Let your wheel of fantasees be the fairytales of your forever.

See your choices as a collective compilation of your best versions of your selves.

Within each character of your self, there are cells re+generating accordingly.

How you seek your selves is how you see your self.

Through the values of our virtue, we RExCognize the cognition of our recognition.

If it minds, it matters. If it matters, it minds. Choose the choices from the characters that are worthy of valuable characteristics.

As you review through your imagination all of the people you can be and embody, which version of your next best you do your cellves, selves, and self align?

Magnetize the meracle of your mine to the magnificence of your mind.


Design your themes as quotes that compile your creativity, courage, and collective compilation of consciousness through your awareness as a present within your presence.

  • It isn't what they think of you. It's what you think of you thinking of them.

  • To become who you are, be who you're BExing. The rest of the DOxing is from becoming through the being.

  • Know where you've been to know where you're going. Know who you've been to know how you're growing.

  • The mysticism of the mine is the meracle of the mind.

  • The frequencies we frequent are the destinations of our destiny. How you vibe is how you align. The manner of your alignment is the manual of your a-line-ment. How you line your values is how you magnetize your valXyous.

  • The redesign of time is the de+sign of the mine and the RExSign of the mind.

  • How you hear your selves is how you hear your self.

  • How you RE+cognize your cellves is how you design your cognition.

  • We are more than meets the eye. We are what vibrates through the mind and magnetizes the i.

  • May you #BeYourSelfie & #GoWhereYouGrow