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Talk as Tech. Vowels as Te(A)ch.

May you reflect the love language you radiate. May the aura of your intentions draw the attention of your wisdom, wildness and wonderous onederfullness. May the creativity of your culture construct your identity to align to your BExing. May the prayers of your peace color your canvas as the masterpiece of your personal potential. May the ambition of your tenacity touch your soul and magnify your magic. May these blessings bless your day with the tang of your talk and the wow of your walk.

2.8.22: Touching the Tangible. Feeling the -ible. Tasting the tang-.

Talk has texture; that's how conversations have depth.

The subconscious filtration system of our feelings is the hueman side. The intentions of our hues draw attention to our values: valyous.

What sets us apart is the same thing that makes us the same: nothing - no thing.

Who we are is how we are. How we are is who we be+come.

How we are is a series of life cycles going in cyclical stories in which we pick and choose the narrative to what we see and what 'I' experience.

Through our spirituality, we're merely energy forces hovering as hollow grams, passing our identities through our vessels.

The volume of our voice is what echoes the effect of our BExing.

The character of our identity is what tunes us in, turns us up and grows us through.

The evolution of a "you" is a revolution of the "i."

The eye doesn't see; the eye is a see-er. It's a separate perceiver being a retriever.

Where do we look to see? How do we see to view? What can we view to visualize? How do we visualize to seek?

The peace of power is the tangible touch.

What we experience sensually is what we radiate structurally.

Through our senses, we perceive. Through our i, we receive. Through our story, we grow.


Close your eyes and breathe in. Breathe out.

What does breathing feel like to you? What does it sound like? What does a moment of breathing do to your present moment? What questions prompt you to remember to breathe in and breathe out?

So often our intention and attention get distorted through our reception and perception.

To draw back to your drawing board, draw your plays as a place.

What we design in our ideas is constructed within our imagination.


Picture a blank canvas in front of you.

Look at your fingertips and hold your hands palms up.

Look at your fingerprints. Look at your fingers. Look at the uniqueness of the patterns all along your skin.

What makes you beautiful is that you're be-you-tifull.

Any canvas in front of us is one within our reach.

What's more magical than that is that it's within our outreach that we magnify what's already within our reach.

"Your best resource is to RE-source." - Amera