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Styling Your Success to Feature the Future

May the style of your success align you to the alchemy of your sweet stories. May the patience of your prayers be the light of your living. May the peace of your personalities be the persona of your best becoming and your favorite now. May the way you grow thorugh life be the way you go through living. May the next reality of your dreams be the magnificence of your wonderous dremes. May the way you find joy in the journey be the way you get lost through the ways of aligning of your selves within your self.

4.9.22 | Matchmaking in heaven through Mind Meeting from Hell(o/p/th)

The getting out of your head and into your mind: the chapter of chivalry.

The worth of our work is the pricelessness of its metrics and the nothingness of the abstracts.

The comprehension of our thoughts is an understanding of our nature through our own overlap of our styled selves as a self.

The beauty of falling in love is that you rise through the loving.

The way we grow is all through mannerisms of know, no and now.

The alteration of alter-cations are styles that shape shift the challenges that change us. The method we see reality is the style we experience life.

Our kindness is a behavioral conditioning of our mind+ion.

The mentions of our dimensions are the thoughts we think through the handles of our key+words. The framework of our thoughts is patterned prediction.

The design of our evolution is a energy trans+for+ance. That is the power of gentleness: the chivalry of nothing.

No+thing co+creates every thing.

Through service of mine, the mind expands.

Through serving the mind, the mind extends through the realms of love, laughter and happily ever after.

The style we fashion our future is the space we structure our for ever. To now, as eternity.

Still. Ness.

The patent of our innovation is the imagination of our personal uniqueness.

Much like the world is one, the universe is infinite.

The mechanism of the mind is nothing.

It’s merely a magnetism of our magic.

The spectrum of colors we see is a style of design we view: a preference of portals to pass+ages of correlations.

The energy frequency between that of light and sound is that of between life and reality.

The mannerism in how we design the contrast is that to which we align the brilliance.

The scope of self is the sight of identity.

To be nothing is to access every thing: as a memoir through a memory of light, from sound, as air, of here.

Through the realms of our selves, we can access outlets of our cellves to rexdexsign our self. What once was is merely a state of possibility through time.

What is is merely an experience of everything it’s not and what could be is merely a concept of imagination: al portals of inventiveness through our state of min(e/d) as a self of I.

The conditioning of our usage is a way we are based on how we think we should be: which is a perception of our self from the way it once was.