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Structuring syStems of Sweet Suites

4.30.22 | Telling Energies. Talking Vibes.

The way love feels is the celebration of the cellves, selves and self all in alignment through a perfect reality. In the life experience, we are beings of becomings as bodies of beauties in one of a kind as a one of a mind.

The energies we channel through are the portals we pass through. The practice we preach is the power to peak. At the top is the view. At the bottom is the vision; through everything invert the perspective, through nothing, shift the respective.

Our reception is as honest as our truth. Our respect is as wise as our youth.

The inner child of our best life is the style we grown from, through and to. Play through all of your possibilities.

Love is all of the probabilities.

What meracles align is what the universe designed.

See the beauty of every thing.

Become the beauty through nothing.

The class of elegance is the volume of your views, vision and visionairies.

The way we are is the way we become.

Be rooted in your growth. Rise through light. Rise through love. Rise through every thing in between.

The energy of the invisible is indivisible.

The power of the indivisible is everything as nothing.

You are love. You are you. You are I as 1.

5.1.22 | Potentiality Patterns of Alternate Selves

Forever grateful for the magic of meracles that meet the eye through the i. Just innovating imagination re-purposes our positioning in the state of mind to our metrics of self.

The vision of our future is the view of for+ever.

  • What does eternity look like?

  • How does everlasting feel like?

The morph@tion of the magnetism is an alignment of energy.

The formation of the alchemy is the design of self through the co+creation between the selves and cellves.

All of the styles of stories and all of the signs, science and synchronicities co+sign our truth as our true.

  • Who could I be as anything?

  • What would the I do?

  • Who is the you?

  • What is the me?