• AF

Pills of Passion. Class as a Fashion.

I forgive them from the start.

That is the magic of love as art.

You face your truest yoUse

as a version

as a part.

Selves search for lives

tof figure out

the what, which, why and other

funny questions.

But God

Godesigned the part

that a part is the start.

and that a

word stands


Forgiving those you

once knew is to offer

them a home, too.

If they were so and so, what attracted you?

Because when love is art, you are never



You forgive

every. body. through

so you enjoy your journey

as you.

Forgiveness is a story of salvation.

Joy is the grace of celebration.

Design a seen of love so


giving is a treat through the i

glory is always for the funds.

God sees thRough. So yes, love them too.

& BE true to you.

Everyone is trying on another shoe/w.

What if you met you?

Do you know what to do?

Ready. self. start.

Have heart.


is the main part.


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