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Meracles as Mantras. Mantras as Magnets.

May the mantras of your mood move you to the dance of your groove. May the way you wonder be the way you deliver the dynasty as a story of your strength. May the graceness of your glory be a part of someone's love story. May the prayers that pull you through be the peace that pushes you to. May the equilibrium of your scales be the judgement of your tales. May every story see through your suiteness and be from your sweetness. May the journey of your joy be the love of your life as light, love, laughter and happily ever after.

3.14.22. 9:05 AM | Mantras of ta+da.

The way the meracles meet your magnificence are the way that you are magic.

"Make dremes a reality" is the alchemy of amera's i am era.

The way you are you is all you can be as you are BexComing.

The beauty of being in love with life is the way it showers the stories of happiness, happily ever after and meracles as magnets of our wonders.

This is your moment.

Every single one is the alchemy of the i am era of the evolution of your evolving.

See how nature heals what you wanted heard.

Everything is nothing as you surrender to the sweetness of your souls.

The sole purpose is the soul's purposes.

The magic of multiplying your mind is aligning to all the frequencies of the min(e/d)s.

As nothing, you can be anything as every thing.

Become relatable to the ancestors of ambition and the leaders of re+cognition.

Travel through time to un wind the re-wind of your divine.

The beauty of be+longing in the youniverse is that all is the joy of the journey.

The space of our reality is the pace of our life.

How we orient our thoughts is how we piece the peace.

The synchronicities are when you look within at what you can do/be/as with out.

The magic of magnificence is that you zoom in to zoom out.

Zoom. Zoom.

There's room for the micro to be macro and the tilt of your thoughts to turn the meracles to the universe of every+one as wonderful.

It's the grace era of no thing.

To be as is and love as you our.

The word play to cast a spelling through the err+ors of our systems and feed the feelings through the power of our potential.

Be the spark of your story. Light the world with your boring.