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MAY you go for the GOAL'd

It's a new month -- HELLO MAY. Life is resuming after two months of quarantine and worlds that were in a vicious cycle of repetition and just existing. One way to get out of the rut is to refocus. Set your eyes on some goals and realign with your purpose.

I find that goal-setting and staying organized is a part of my secret to success. It's what makes me become the better version of myself and remain dynamic.

Here are my tips for goal-setting and getting ahead:

Set some time to declutter. Clear your mind. Unload that brain dump onto something you can reflect back on. Write away in a journal, your phone’s notes app, your yearly planner, post-it’s or anything along those lines. It is best to have your goals somewhere within sight. Catch a glimpse of those beauties every time you’re in