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Let gratitude in. The best will come out.

May the way you thank the universe thank you eternally. May the blessings of this brilliance be the way you begin your new self as brilliant. May the being you've been be the becoming you're being. May the fun of your fundamentals meet you at the meracle of your mind. May the ability to pause, breathe and be be the moment that shifts dimensions. May the way the words you feel empower the faith of your feelings. May the gratitude of this attitude power on your potential and power up your purpose. May this moment be the best one, and the next and the now.

3.3.22 | 8:53 AM | Parallel Universes; Patterns of Gratitude

The way our reality aligns to our present time is the human experience.

The feeling of gratitude inverts our cellves and our selves.

The way we thank the you is the way the you reflects the i.

Every micro behavior is a series of subconscious, subliminal and subcutaneous behaviors.

Who we've been is a piece of our patterns.

Who we're becoming is a piece of our puzzle.

The how of our who is our BExIng.

When we pause and reflect at the meracle of our mind- any and everything is a fairytale.

Why? The "happily ever after."

Gratitude transforms our every fiber of our future as a frequency of magnificence.

To say "this, too, is perfect" allows us to accept our changes or change what we can't accept. That is the power of our choice. The power is merely a puzzle of our own pieces fused together with the fabrics of our texture.

The texture of our time is the depth of our darkness.

When we can be bright amid the dark, we see. When we can light our values during the storms of our virt-yous, we seek.

Our knowledge is our cott+age : a home of our collective experiences reincarnated from the metrics of the moments that we are grateful for the glory.

This moment is merely a thank you note in an eternal story.


Although journaling might not be your thing, I have a little secret to improve your insomnia, depression and mental health issues.


There are bountiful reasons to be grateful for what we have - and don't have.

Research has proven that practicing gratitude and writing what we're grateful for literally rewires our brain.

We're searching for solutions in a place we can access instantly - ourselves and more importantly, our minds.

When we look within and practice gratitude, we are acknowledging that (1) there is enough and (2) we are enough.

Our lives are abundant with blessings - we just have to see and acknowledge them.

Sometimes the easiest way to overcome a negative experience is to shift perspective.

Simply, be grateful for it.

Sure, it isn't always as easy as it sounds. Sure, it's not the most heartwarming response to your friend who just got fired or lost their mother; however, it's a method of comforting and healing without costing a thing.