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I forgive you. Yours Truly, Me.

Practicing self-love also comes in the form of forgiveness.

Why do we shower every day or why do we wash our clothes after they’ve been soiled? Why do we repeat things that we know will eventually have to do again?

It’s a part of the cycle of what we call life and just like we maintain these habits to cleanse ourselves, we must do the same internally. That is the importance of forgiveness. It is a form of self-care that we often overlook, or just completely neglect.

So often we are so hard on ourselves that even if some thing as simple as being late, we apologize. We say "oh my goodness, I'm sorry I am late." Rather than saying "sorry I’m late", let's change that context to say "thank you for waiting" or "I was running late. Thank you for your patience."

Do you see the difference?

Forgiveness also comes in the form of who and what you see when you look in the mirror. Don’t punish yourself for eating that “cheat meal." It’s not like that one meal made you look how you are today. Tell yourself "I love my body and I choose to nourish