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Free Fallink

May the way you recover from what's underneath be the grace of your top at the peak. May the beauty that stands within your spirits be the energy that uplifts your meerits. May the merits of your magnificence authorize your eyes with the passion of your i's. May the prayers you wish for be the answers of your unspoken dialogue and the audio through your monologue. May this moment meet you with the euphoria of your ease, flow, bliss and this.

3.19.22 | 8:59 AM | The Storee of a Sweet Sundae

In all the ways you celebrate, see that you're brave.

The moments we designed for this destiny have already been assigned.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

Appreciate all of the ways the knows grows. For even the no of something is a yes of another.

Love these times for the expansion of your evolution.

See the fluidity in the fountain of youth.

We are forever young and eternally grown.

The meracle of nothing is it offers every thing. Even the choice has a voice.

Sit with the thoughts of your thinks. See the mannerisms of your materials.

The angels from all angles are blessings and meracles as sprinkles.

Whether the weather.

Your adaptability is a form of your self speaking through i.

Everything from the i is viewed through the eye. Everything is nothing. Everything as nothing. Nothing because of everything.

Celebrate the stories of your survival. Celebrate the small things that make a big difference. Celebrate that solidarity seeds your story with the story of a story.

In the separation of the self, you meet the division of the selves.

Audit the cells and multiply the cellves.

The basic arithmetic of reality is the simplest metric of life: Go Where You Grow.

Invisible. Indivisible. In for ever, for all ways.

See the particles of the we, for we are a matter of the me. the me. theme. TheMe.

Celebrate the space in between.

Celebrate the design of the dreMe.

Party the potential.

Piece the possibilities.


Excerpt from 3.19.21 | A Prayer of Pease