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Flashback to the fUtUre

May the narrative of your knowledge amplify the newness of your noggin. May the way you giggle enlighten the things that offer you a tickle. May the little things that brighten your day light up your life. May the way you are be the who that you become. May the shift of your story be the direction of your glory. May your moral compass design more as less, and your next as best. May this moment align you to the awe of your amazingness and the fantasees of your fairytale.

3.4.22 | 10:03 AM | Feel Amazing : Fantasee : Fairytale : Faith : Forgiveness : Flash Back : Future

Our fantasees are the power plays of our fairytales.

The wildest ways of our wisdom are the passion plays of our own ways.

The thoughts of our interests are the constructs of our curiosity.

We are portals of passion and passions as passings. One seed planted is a harvest of hope granted.

The beauty of bodies is that they are vessels of beauty: beauty as a BExIng, BEcoming, and doXing - from everything as nothing.

The way we magnetize our fantasees is a way we alchemize all the seeks and sees.

If the mind can go there, it's a matter of events before the physical dimensions align with the realm of reality.

When we connect vibrationally through the epicenter of our evolution, the way we feel is an element of science and the way we BEcome is a periodic table of ways we can become.

The beauty of fantasees is that they're rated all letters for all styles of stories.

As vessels of volume, what is unspoken is heard; what is spoken is felt.

How we impact our fairytales is how we design our fantasees.

To step into our sweetness, step through savoring this: the here and now.

Be a fairytale with your fantasee.


11.22.21 | An excerpt from "The Gender Gap is Indeed Down There"

The meracle of life that surrender answers the why.

For what bodies can have are what minds have made.

Yet, the miracles get even more miraculous when you consider the energies that aligned the energize.

What vibrational patterns constructed zygotes into "ready for a baby?" omg let's totally totes!

Marketing makes magic. You dress up a dream as a plot and a scene.

Gender could disspell magic in a question "Who am I without i?"

or on earthly terms,

Who would I be If I wasn't (insert NAME here)?

In any form of that answer, you would still be you.

Your mind is the one comprehending this. Your mind is the one constructing the possibilities of these statements as true or false according to the beliefs that you have of you.

So regardless If you're an artist rocket launching off of the Bill Board Billionaire Charts or a baby born with a genderless heart, our lyrics to the youniversal anthem are what sets us apart.

Sweet Soul Full Conversations

Dear Bestie,

I am grateful for you.

You show up everyday as skin and bones and automatic bodily functions that are push to start.

I am great full for this body that I get to embrace each moment with the simplicity of a passing breath.

How sweet it is to just come across words like this and feel it in my heart that the power of shifting thoughts is the magic of my personal art.

When I honor my name, I respect my energy and the mission within my cellves for I know, too, that I was once a me I never knew as selves.

I look forward to the grace I get to see in you.

I look backward to the glory I get to be through you.

I look around for the sweetness I get to grow within you.

Through our reflections, we need no introductions.

That's the meracle of life when you die to arise, too.

You see that the sun, stars and possibility of a fresh start is in every. single. part.

The earth is our art.