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Fantasee's As Your Next dreMes

May the possibilities of your potential power on the passion of your elations. May the way you reason your logic a+line with the way you ruffle your magic. May the layers of your laughter embrace the treble of your ever after. May the beat of your drum be the music of your one. May the collective callings of your talk woosh your ways right into your walk. May your selves meet your cellves through the grandest version of your self and honor the humility of your wellth. May these words fuel your fairytale right into the write of a fantasee.

3 . 11 . 22 | Feel Funny. Fly Faithfully. Fanta See the Fairy's Tale:

Some times faith is our fairy tale: our saving grace.

Angels from all angles is the way life greets you with all of the pieces of your peace through the visions, views and val+Yous.

For all the stories of your survival there's the wear+with+all of your revival.

Faith is a feeling: to have hope as an offering to the youniverse and accept the truth of your tales.

Only the way we greet our grace is how we can process this pace.

Every thing - ever single think - is in perfect order; perfectly placed; perfectly phased; perfectly saved.

The fantasee of this human experience is in the ways you pass through the waves of your wonder and dance through the days from the surrender.

The hero is the high. The high is the hello of your heaven.

Even word play is a tease to your fantasees.

Even the odd is a way of even.

Because at the cross roads, we choose the choice pre-designed for our post-experience of what kind of universe could we play in every day for the next ever and always.

Isn't that the beauty of sight?

It places us right on site.

The animals of animation are meracles as re+in+carnation.

What blossoms from a seed is like the thoughts from a tree.

A gravitational pull is a universal push.

One transition through life is one transition in to living.

The beauty of our be+Coming is in the ways of our un-done-ing.

To redo, undo, then be you.

It's the tying the knot from everything you've become from every thing you're not.

Shine through your strength. Offer the love as its length.

The fairy tale is an angel of hi and a hello of a good tri.


Excerpt from 11.30.2021 | Constructive Dreams as a Vision