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Designing Time With A Youse In Mind

May your prayers be always in all ways fluid, for giving and for ever. May the way you be power full be powerless. May the ways of your acts of nothing embrace your chapters of every think. May the motions of your feelinks connect you to the new, next and best within every moment. May the way time connects your story be the grace of your personal note worthy storee. May the evolution of your eternity alchemize the destinations through your destiny. May wonders of worldly realms expand through universal dimensions across all space, paces and phases within your here and now, new and next and you at your best.

In all the ways one could reshape a narrative is by how the story is seen, felt and experienced.

A growth mindset is merely a state of min(e/d) in the now, now, now so therefore any memory, memoir, or pictured story is in the “then,” “then,” “then,”.

Our feelinks that are linking our thoughts, eMotions and feelings are the pattern gaps we recreate. Between the space of nothing, our thoughts of something are the re+creation of a self.

Autopilot is the state of self separate from the selves, cellves, and a perceived self.

In the now, now, now, time expands from different dimensions of micro-macro.

  • What states of self are in between to be?

  • What does the state of min(e/d) view for a vision of spectrums of selves?

All encompassing is a re+direct of direct+ions.

Separate styles of stories structure a theme of time based on experiment of the experience.

Styles of memories appear through different dimensions.

5.12.22 | Earth Living. Sky Walking. Sun Flying. Here Trying.

Thankful. Thankfull. Thankfully yours. The simplest things can mean the most.

Just the thought of a thought changes every thing.

To be grateful for the way meracles attract miracles is the blessings out loud.

This chapter of chivalry is the observation of the experience.

Be beautiful through your mannerisms as you float through the currents of life’s special moments.

The beauty of nothing is that the universe has already aligned everything: the magic, the momentum, the magnificence, and the theme of all of your next realities.

The ar(e/t) of energy is vibing through the eMotions to see the way our feelinks connect us.

Everything is inter+connected. Nothing is inter+twined.

The beauty of the simplicity of these concepts is that we can imagine our own definitions of how we draw the lines. The magnetism of mind is a miracle maker of eye+i+y.

All of our senses are pieces of our presence in the here+now.

It is amazing to pause, breathe, be. Within this moment; this life; this reality to view the vision through the different dimensions of all that could be within our realm of real+ity.

Be grateful for every “little” moment – for it is ever expanding, ever lasting, and ever transforming into the futures of for ever and the land of eternity.