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Constructing Characteristics to ReDesign Your Chemistry

5.26.22 | Thankful & Thank Full & Thank Ful

The way love is is simple.

Simple as no+thing.

Day dreaming becomes “the normal” in the sense of just “thinking.”

All of life’s meracles are on an alternate thought of being whatever has been imagined as a better thought or way of life are passage portals of pre+views of our reality.

Speaking from different lenses shows the diverse landscape of our visions.

How can one view the world in a ‘one way’ sight?

It’s merely from adjusting the picture between micro and macro. The lenses we view our scope of self is the language arts with+in our human experience.

Be proud of the diversity of ideas, innovations, and imaginations through the style of my selves.

Be grateful for life’s architecture as it’s art.

Be grateful for the courtesy of mannerisms and the way of works.

Be grateful for the experiences of meeting incredible spirits as fresh perspectives.

Be grateful for the ways “different,” “new,” and “this,” are co+creating a here and now.

6.3.22. | An Orchestra Of Galactic Space

Methods Of Movements + Modes Of Moods

Gratitude is the foundation of the mindset to attract meracles in the format of thoughts and thinks.

The meracle of life and such is the observation of accessibility through a soul and

with in a spirit.

As BexIngs pass thorugh realms of reality, gratitude is the basis of any eMotional shift.

The way to change the world is to evolve the one within. When we see the beauty of every think, opportunities of innovation are the catalysts between connections and co+creations.

How does the ascension of the soul float through dimensions of dreams?

The integration of imagination and all the invisible of our lives.

Selves are portals of people within existential matters. The material world is that of site, sight and seeing. The worldly world is that of co+creation and consciousness.

The idea of a world is that of a style of a thought custom to the portals through peoples.

How could one innovate imagination?

Orient the auric ambitions to alchemize through flowing feelinks. Intention re+directs @ttention.

Being a nothing is the format in which one can pass through the matter of the world, align to the minds of the universe and become the beings of the brilliance as the style of a self.