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Awakening the dreMEs with In

May the way you be alive in the moment be the revival of your energy. May the patience of your peace reward you with radiance of glory. May the pace of this you be one with the phase of your bestie. May the places you go be aligned with the choices to grow. May the resiliencies of your character creative characteristics of your best self - today, tomorrow, and every day in between.

4.4.22 | Sleepwalking through tiME

Magic is a sense of mode+alities. It's a channel of real+ity.

The access to different dimensions is through the styling of the story and the pairing of the part+ners.

Magic is a meeting of science, signs and synchronicities to make an appear+ance through the [here+now].

To time travel is to allow the body to be on auto pilot and flow into do+ing whilst the brain is de+signing time and the mind is [re+organizing mine].

It is a multi+[task]+ing across di+mentional times of BExIng.

The planes of our grid systems are energy of our transfer+ance fields so when we're pro+grammed to a label of a self then the self is ac+customed to the genetic "en" coding rather than a re+generative de=coding.

The meracle of magic is to make the material+ization an aillusion while the act of entertainment is a delusion.

To fragment frame works of operations is to understand the patterns of co+here+ance.

To under-stand anything; the self audits the angles to see over, around and through it, too.

The subconscious studies this behavioral branding naturally as a mind mechanism and the Me can predict the patterns as an [alt]ruism.

Prisms of shapes are +isms of conversate+[ions].

Life may be cyclical; never the less, patterns are geo+graph+i+cal.

The body is a grid system of communication, too.

Different body language is spoken through our "pulse" points. To be super human isn't to add powers; it's an activatiON of a focal power.

To hone in on a system is to material+eyes the mindset as an electrical circuit and see how it was/is powered and the way it is as it is.

This is a training method of routing resilience and accessing brillalliance. It's a way of training your eMotions to flow through the feel+links as a link of language for the body to feel +ing.

In the "meant"time, the kindness of character is the "row"bot of BExIng; essentially re+creatiing a new self through the i.

MEracles for #MagicMonday

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