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A Windshield of Wonderful

May the prayers you feel be the mannerisms in which you heal. May the way your thoughts construct your words be the way you hear through your soul. May all the versions of yourself be aligned with the sweetest views of your personal wellth. May the wonderful of your wonders be the lens of your why and wise. May the words you choose radiate the eternity of your who's. May the manner of your magic be the flow of your fantastic!

3.26.22 | L!GHT LOVE L@UGHTER. Happily Ever After

The signs appear clearer and clearer and clearer.

The art of self mastery is a mosaic of memories.

The art of self awareness is an activation of the memoirs.

The art of mere existence is the appreciation of all of the above – and below. As above; so below.

The infinity is the continuium of our thoughts of our conceptualization.

Symbols are descriptive elements of our cognition to activate RexCognition.

Our behaviors, our thoughts, our habits are all of our operating systems as a circuitry of our story styled as a self whilst reflecting through cellves and aligned to those selves.

The way we can become a force of nature is to allow nature to be a force through us.

We are the universe and the I is the we as the we is the us. Invisible and in+divisible.

The oneness of a self is through the ability to be grounded within the growth and rise through all of the ways we demote, promote and remote.

The way nature works is an ever expanding subject and yet our best re-source is to re+source.

To re+view through the elements of our construction and audit our own self de-struct-ion.

Nothing is a perfect foundation. From the state of nothingness, one is malleable and the man+i+fest+stations are basically tangible.

Celebrate the grids of your grace. Celebrate the ways of your giving. Celebrate the ways God is living.

This is the eternity of a new season and a celebration of all of you as one reason.

Excerpt from 1.11.22 | the Magical Mind of Meracles


Establish a personal progress report for your self-ie. Ask your selves questions through Curiosity:

M - ental Welllth - What are my intentions this week?

A - Authentically [NAME] - Grade Report

G - Generosity - How will I give back this week?

I - Imagination - Where's my next destination?

C - Cultivate Creativity - How can I connect with someone else through creativity?

Let your name be an alliteration for your character. Then. Use it as a guide for your self-ie:

Mine is