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a "Note to Selfie"

" Note to Selfie" is a series by Suite Storees: Chapter 2021 - Shot Spot.

Curated + Designed by Yours Truly, me.

Note to Selfie is intended to create visual reminders of important topics, tasks or notes. We often write notes to ourselves for reminders of tasks to do, but at Suite Storees, we do things differently.

We write notes to ourselves for reminders of (beings) to (be). The notes come in forms of questions, conversation topics, and creative inspiration - all with the intention to connect the spots through community + connections + conversations - to each other and to our selfie.

I've recognized that we all connect by one thing - communication. However comprehension is ultimately what sets us all apart. The "Note to Selfie" series is created to create a foundation of conversational topics that connect us by removing the anchors in our language and our lives.

You see, even the word "anchor" itself varies greatly depending on usage and environment - as are we as beings - as our SELFIEs. There is sophistication in simplicity. When we squeeze out the adjectives of a sentence, it's like