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A Narrative of Nothing

May the crystallizations of your character materialize the mannerisms of your meracles. May the meetings of your greetings present you with the presence of your personal worth. May the wellth of your wonder be the wonderfull of your wonders. May the curiousity of the way you ask questions be the grace of the way the universe delivers your answers. May this moment be the healing of your hearing and the dimensions of your de+mentions. May the sound of nothing be the aura of everything.

3.28.2022 | A revival of your survival

The times you thought you couldn’t make it – you did.

You survived; you revived; you thrived.

You are aa soul as a sole. Indivisible as one; invisible as everything.

Be wholesome in your humanity. Be authentic through your hyoumility.

What are you as you are ?

You are a meracle: one breath and blink at a time.

Your tenacity allows you to ground deeper and rise higher.

Parent your inner child as you’d play within your own wild.

The force of nature of life is nature as a force through reality.

Rise above. Love below.

Grace is the manner+ism of which you act instead of re-act. Soul as a sole.

The style of our story is in all the ways we learn to fall in love with every precious moment.

A fantasee of being one with nature is feeling the light of sunshine beaming on my face and realizing infinite abundance in every moment as an expansion of this evolution.

The breeze of Gods grace is the simplicity of nothing as a pace and love as an eternal phase.

Our leadership is in our healing habits to raise us up through the clouds, over the crowds and as one within universal sounds.

The state of bliss is appreciation of all of this:

You are a dreme. You are a sight worth the seen. A meracle. A youniversal i.


Quotes as told by amera

Questions to stimulate your quotients. What words resonate through your resilience?

  • We're all on the same path; it's just paved differently.

  • Respect the differences; honor the similarities. Similar+i=ties.

  • Play is the sport. Home is the port(all).

  • The breath of be+longing is the being of the be+coming.

  • We nourish nature by how we navigate the knowledge

  • What's fed through is felt from.

  • The magnetism of the mind paints the portrait of the mine's.

  • Purified intentions draw polar attractions.

  • When you've got nothing to hide; you've got everything to show.