Doing Things Differently

Amera Fattah

(uh-meer-uh  fuh-taah)

Hi there.

I'm Amera Fattah and the artist behind creative brands.  This platform is my opportunity to share my story with you - welcome!  My career kicked off as an overly involved student with a burning passion for wanting more - out of life, out of my community and out of the power of potential. I desired more, so I created more.  As Student Services Director at Oakland University, I restructured the campus transportation service, created a bike share program, and developed and implemented a discount tumbler savings service to name a few - all currently thriving now. My events background stemmed as a leader for Student Life Lecture Board where I hosted the Blake Mycoskie Speaking Engagement, founder of TOMS Shoes & Eyewear. With 1800+ sold out attendance and immense positive publicity, I knew success was imminent in this industry.

Creating My Story

After an eventful and empowering college career, I transitioned into the corporate world.  I quickly gained knowledge in a multitude of industries and built a substantial network, which launched me into independence and entrepreneurship. In 2014, Eventistry and Co. debuted. My creativity and work ethics finally had a place to come to fruition and it's been a success since. Eventistry is Metro Detroit's premier resource for in events, invitations, and design.  Starting off with wedding planning, my clients sought more of my services which allowed me to expand into custom invitations and design services. As I networked more and my clientele diversified, I became well connected with numerous business owners who trusted me with their brands and building something more. Throughout the years, I worked for several companies as a marketing and content creator; nevertheless, the 9-5 path wasn't my idea of freedom. So with a lot of hustle and self-exploration, I pursued entrepreneurship full-time.  

Fast forward to present-day, Eventistry & Co. is proud to be the brand behind brilliant brands.  

eventistry eid.png

?What's Your Story


The idea behind 'what's your story' evolved from the countless people I've connected with throughout the years. Everyone has a story and everyone has their unique identity. Throughout tumultuous life changes, I wanted to expand beyond traditional B2C and B2B services.  By incorporating my personal touch to my business model, I've found a way to connect beyond the transactional process with clients.  I create and re-create brands that tell a story and share their most authentic self with the world. I believe every story is worth sharing and that spark within you is worth igniting.

So, what's your story?

Integrity is everything. Whether it’s a start-up, side hustle, passion project or established company, your brand is my business.